variation of parameters

the interociter

the lab / the vortex / serket / usnisa

communications device

real science fiction - myth and smokelore - of e.t. folk core - deep inside - the freezone interzone twilight zone - navigating these - celestial and psychic seas - in search for signals sounding out - a new direction - a new destination - a new perspective - a new vibration

pure research laboratories - serving since 1991... starting as a music / multi-media studio and bbs turned isp that began broadcasting its content through the newly emerging web browser / html format in 1995 - its intent - which has remained unchanged - was to freely communicate / share music art and information beyond the industrial limitations that existed prior to the telecommunications revolution and the amplified accessibility of both hard and soft wares now allowing individuals to produce their own content and broadcast it personally and directly to a global audience

all output / content generated over the duration resonates with and sustains an unwavering focus on a synthesis of true personal and planetary health (spiritual mental and physical) - exhibited through sustain ability of balanced productivity creativity inspiration innovation cooperation and integrity as a sovereign state of being... this core focus coupled with early involvement in personal computing technologies and network infrastructure provided a holistic / comprehensive pivot point from which to interpret perceive and initiate data phenomena and trends in our migration to a post-historic world

high level integration continues to evidence itself - source code hyper space inter connection network intelligence hardware and logic circuits extend and enhance functionality and resolve without pause - all relativity that ethical conduct ecological balance universal coherence and genuine cooperation is key to harmonically sustaining this truly amazing multi-dimensional bio-spirit reality engine for all has hit on a very large scale - compassionate talented skilled service oriented free spirited tuned in human beings connect beyond any old world boundaries - global citizens actively cultivating a transcendent view good intentions clear communications affirmative actions right livelihoods sound decisions mindfulness focus - developing and applying wisdom within their local and global spheres of influence - teaching and learning with maxiumum facilitation - proof positive in practice

in essence - this network exists to inspire - to uphold and renew these transcendental qualities and functions of creativity thru the art of communication (stuff of storytellers scribes muses soothsayers - musicians artists poets and players) - for the love of it... as they say in the continuum - stay tuned

become the alterNative - stop time - return to source