the pure core


a guide to living lightly in the neu earth era



aligning environments - woods gardens domes studios tsg psg sxp sustain-ability sovereignty - the center is where all these components come together as a lifestyle committed to living lightly / performing nightly, within and around an array of studios and spaces for music, art, communications and organic / agricultural interactions - the physical proximity and local data base where non-local transmissions are tuned in and translated into the vernacular of the present - sanctuary to many lifeforms - research facility to numerous facilitators - amplifier of acoustical resonance - the multi dome cluster - the complex - the joint

UAC artist in residence app

artist in residence / artist residencies encompass a wide spectrum of artistic programs which involve a collaboration between artists and hosting organizations / communities - they are programs which provide artists with space and resources to support their artistic practice - contemporary artist residencies are becoming increasingly thematic - with artists working together with their host in pursuit of a specific outcome related to a particular theme:

life is a work of art - art is a non-commercial enterprise - it is any thought or deed that echoes back the right signal to its point of origin - the movement of the whole earth fabric to completion is an art - balanced bookkeeping is an art - balanced nutrition is an art - conservation of energy expressed in simplicity is an art - ecological balance is an art - family life is an art - life is an interactive living work of art - art is the integral feature of energy in human culture - a self portrait of that which made it - art captures the imagination - our star ships re-entry report as we pass back through the mirror must capture and reflect the original intent of what the producer had in mind - each is graded by its final report as expressed in the culmination of its art which reflects the final tachyon flash of insight

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uac / usnisa arts center
is a place of peace
of virtue
of beauty
of balance
of intention
of integrity
of grace
of music
of magic
of art
of imagination
in alignment
with the infinite source
whose center is everywhere and circumference is nowhere

the center is a synthesis of sanctuary hermitage oasis utopia love bubble shangri la shambhala inner earth agharthian extra-terrestrial hybrid mystery school monastery music conservatory for performance of the arts - a place of teaching and learning - in that it intentionally sustains a high frequency a high vibration a just intonation - an alignment to pure positive energy - a balance - a center - with true health well being and fun as primary focus and highest priority - accessible to any who feel an alignment to it

the pure core
the pure core
the pure core
the pure core
the pure core
the pure core
the pure core

artist in residence at the center

ever on the fringes edges border lands of being
not for profit

life as art - this space is canvas and like an artists canvas the intention has been to live life as if it were a living work of art - every color, combination, curve, hue, tone, harmony, expressed, as one whole creative movement

the pure core the pure core

the space allows the dweller within to make time - generating / developing / interacting with natural cycles to produce the fruit of consciousness from the creative seed and express it from within outward in all aspects of existence in an organic bio-spirit growth process / evolution

the pure core
the pure core

power source - exclusively photonic light based plant based monk-like holistic nourishment - simple, gentle, neutral, nurturing, transparent, healthy, expansive

lifestyle - artistic / creative / sovereign / autonomous / alternative / drop out audience / peaceful / present / clear / high frequency / low impact / earth friendly / zero waste / fragrance free

the pure core

open to those with a creative assemblage point of a higher nature
a higher consciousness
a higher vibration


to be an artist in residence requires subtraction rather than addition of things
with the primary assemblage point in front and center focus

facilities and offerings include:
geodesic domes
live music / video studios
high end audio recording / listening facilities
original music and metamedia
pyramidal broadcast station
telegenetic research lab
multi-disciplinary art studios
growing spaces / gardens for fresh produce and herbs
filtered artesian well water
organic exclusively whole food plant based vegan nourishment
well equipped wood shop
beautiful woodlands and wildlife
quiet peace fresh air seclusion space to breathe and be
cultivate meditate communicate co-create

all of which can be expanded and expounded upon

life is pure research - experimentation - exploration - intuition - inspiration - in a universe of infinite variables - of input and outcome - always up to the challenge of seeing what can't work - always finding there are ways to do nearly everything - with the right attitude and intention - nature responds to the genuine to the courageous and provides the platform for growing which we are all a part of - as regenerative as the seed - as mysterious as that which created the process - yet unconditionally available to all who are born to behold it

current artists - the lumenz group

ansi lumenz
serk lumenz
bae lumenz
tenz lumenz
tashi tashi

live on tour - 2023