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be clean - natural body care / personal hygiene and good health guidelines...

true health
good health guidelines
ten things anyone can do to improve health and well-being:
  1. actively persue, create, and support alternatives to watching television and consuming commercial media - commerce-oriented tv movies radio newspapers books magazines internet - stop it drop it give it up dont look back and try to get everyone you know and care about to do likewise - invest your life-energy in your own life story and dedicate it to enhancing the health and happiness of everyone and everything around you

  2. avoid using products with synthetic fragrances - perfumes, colognes, fabric softeners, detergents, cleansers, lotions, shampoos, shave creams, deodorants, makeup, hairsprays, deodorizers, etc. - go 100% organic, biodegradable, synthetic-fragrance-free, there are myriads of natural alternatives

  3. eat fresh local organic food as much as possible / drink the best water possible - thank your water / go with the simplest whole, natural foods you can find or grow, encourage promote and support all forms of air water and food quality consciousness and improvement in your local and wide-area network - get involved - start at home

  4. avoid pharmaceutical drugs and artificial/synthetic stimulants / think holistically - macro biotically - understand how its all connected - discover, pursue, and apply the alternatives, address the cause of the effect, not just the symptoms, look to nature for solutions

  5. go vegetarian / vegan - tread lightly - be conscious of your impact - harm none

  6. breathe deeply / move gracefully - actively interface with life in a very aware manner / wear all natural fibers / avoid synthetic clothing and linens

  7. be objective / non-judgemental / helpful / sincere / kind / give more than you take

  8. smile / laugh / be a positive affirmative caring person / be responsible for everything you think, say, and do

  9. educate yourself / share what you learn / teach what you know

  10. find your talents and develop them for the joy of contribution / participation in the integral movement of life, the continual improvement of conditions on a personal and planetary level, and the perpetual enjoyment of inspired existence

naturally clean teeth, face, hair, body... clean your mouth frequently with natural tooth-care products, wash face hair and body with gentle organic cleansers, use natural wash cloths and towels as much as possible... wash hands often with natural (not antibacterial) soap... consciously respect and conserve all water, while still getting good and clean... use organic natural oils to moisturize - don't put anything on you skin that you wouldn't eat or put in your mouth... use cool earth stuff like loofahs and pumice stones... brush hair with a wood comb or a natural bristle brush... clean your clothes towels sheets frequently with all natural laundry detergents... hang laundry out to air dry in the sunshine as much as possible... use cloth menstrual pads or a diva cup if you are female... keep your living space clean... water your plants... use all natural incense... pick up after yourself... dont expect others to do it for you and if they do - appreciate it wholeheartedly... do nice things because you love to... laugh and inspire others to laugh... smile a lot... enjoy the sunshine... be a cool person...

maintaining a healthy mouth ~
keeping your teeth and gums healthy is actually simpler than it may seem - priority one is to eat wholesome natural foods, and to chew your food well - in order to maintain strong healthy enamel, vital nutrients and minerals are absorbed directly through the teeth while chewing food WELL... raw veggies and fruits are excellent for healthy teeth and gums... if you can't brush after eating, be sure to swish with some pure water... otherwise, clean your teeth gently and regularly with highest quality all natural toothpastes, good quality baking soda completely dissolved in pure warm water is good for occasional brightening, swish with sea salt dissolved in hot water, use floss regularly but be sure that it is all natural - use a good quality soft toothbrush - avoid excessive use of toothpastes containing fluoride and sodium laurel sulfate... green tea strengthens teeth and regulates bacteria, and drinking enough pure water in general keeps your mouth and body in its best shape... brushing with one drop of dr. bronner's liquid soap is also a mild, gentle way to clean your teeth well when you need something in a pinch, as is IPSAB... be sure to stay conscious of your teeth and do NOT clench them together - teeth rubbing / grinding against teeth under pressure is an extremely common unconscious habit (nearly everyone does it) and is the primary reason why teeth wear down over time, as we age - keep your jaw relaxed and try to train / discipline yourself to stop doing it when awake or asleep

maintaining a healthy head ~
a natural, low impact way to clean your hair, is by using the simplest ingredients and allowing your body chemistry to readjust itself to a healthier rhythm... it will take about two months to really feel your hair / head free of everything and in its natural state - it may be uncomfortable as one transitions, but be patient and confident - you will get results and be amazed... if your hair is long, wear it in braids... after the transition period, your hair will most likely be what you always wanted it to be like, but could never quite achieve... one tablespoon of baking soda in a quarter cup of warm water - massage into scalp for 30 seconds or so, rinse, mix one to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 1/2 cup of warm water - pour over the ends of your hair, let sit 1 to 3 minutes, rinse... the longer you leave the apple cider vinegar on your hair, the softer it will be... finger comb hair, or comb gently with a wide tooth wood comb... a few drops of jojoba oil is good for moisturizing the scalp if necessary... a bit of coconut oil is nice for shine or smoothing hair, and smells wonderful

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keeping fit as a fiddle can be a natural part of daily living - cleaning your house, working outside in the yard / garden / neighborhood, taking daily walks, stretching, doing yoga, dancing, and keeping a smile on your face is all there really is to it... break a sweat everyday doing something necessary, help out where/whenever you can, rest when you need to rest, keep a clear mind, listen to your body, and learn to fine tune your intuition - if that is in shape, everything else will follow