the pure core organic life mirror

projects log ~ out in the shop . . .

p i c t u r e d : a collection of snow broken cedars formed into this seating of highly aromatic eastern red, grown milled and built on site

building with time...
busy with working on : maintaining the health and integrity of structures and spaces (both physical and ethereal) - interiors, exteriors, peripherals, refitting a pac dome outer liner / hand making an inner liner from scratch, scrubbing all the cedar, maintaining the grow dome - panels, pool, beds, building up the wood shop, mandatory selective tree felling, building up the wood piles, building furniture, clearing paths, starting new plants, transplanting, caring, harvesting, distributing... takes a lot of work, a lot of time, focus, energy, commitment, to keep the micro part in line, for a greater macro effect... to continue yielding optimal environments for being creative, doing your thing, having fun, and sharing the abundance as much as humanly possible... in mythra, its where domestic daytime yang creativity meets magical night time yin receptivity - where inspiration sparks on whatever form you favor for the moment in the making - stuff of musicians, artists, poets, pilgrims along this timeless path... and the better the balance, the better the experience, for 1 and all

bio-rhythms: previous log entry / sequence

mission tron / projects purpose and people

the pure core is an interface to a living art project and synthesis model in its 19th year of broadcast - its roots extend beyond this initial transmission point, to a 35+ year collective experiment, and stretch thru time to animate, communicate, and amplify the essence of this organic spiritual earthian extra-terrestrial sovereign experience here and now

projects: home birthing, home education, home cooking (made from scratch and home-grown / local grown as much as possible, always eat in), self healing (excellent health without medical involvement or insurances), suburban gardening, urban gardening, rural gardening, hybrid gardening, indoor growing / greenhouse gardening, running numerous food co-ops, creative recycling / redistribution, composting, making our own clothes, eco home renovation, building everything we can by ourselves, being very low impact (no vacationing or air travel, drive very little and do nearly everything from the home), doing as much as possible thru barter / trade and funding all projects ourselves in genuine indie fashion, building our own computers, running our own network, building and operating numerous home studios, staying on the cutting edge of technology in a very balanced practical way, creating and communicating our own art, music, and media, networking with people from all around the planet - all walks of life - all inclusively - and continually evolving a sovereign lifestyle, which is unconditionally dedicated to making the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time thru spontaneous cooperation without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone

purpose: the purpose of being healthy is to maintain clear cosmic reception, a daily discipline to be able to perform, produce, and enjoy the creatively inspiring in a seamless way - all systems running smoothly, psychology and physiology in balance and aligned - all organic and ethical functions are transparent, natural, intuitive - enhancing and not interrupting - giving and not taking - providing a stable foundation to work from - eliminating unnecessary time components and distractions - seeing that all energies are wisely directed and maximally utilized - as the terrestrial base that all extra-terrestrial activities spring from - in one holistic experience of Life aboard this spaceship earth

people: we are, administrators . of . a system, a system of many systems, of networking life - we are, participators . in . a process, a process in many processes, of networking life - we are, cooperators . with . an objective, an objective with many subjects, all networking life... we are - a system of genetic communication / absolutely live indie original music art video publishing programming performance oriented humble hand made home birthed home schooled synergetic geodesic dome head code head tek head veg head family band of digital knomads / pure researchers of post-historic lifestyles / anticipatory design scientists / prototypes for spontaneously co-operative networked collectives organically sown grown served and synthesized in this unified field that is everything and everybody - One way - or another... as always, many thanks for tuning in+++