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projects log / 5.19 08

believe in seeds
p i c t u r e d : fresh picked hand drawn hand made collage of home grown heirloom organics

life is a learning curve ...never really stops, and no matter what you are doing there is or ought to be some element of edge - some point of pioneering - because its really only relative to the individual thats doing it... no matter how many people have done it before, like committing to learning how to help a seed grow into fruit to feed a hungry human, initiation is universal for everyone attempting it - same holds for anything, no need to compare the experience to any others contrail, honest effort and good intention do most of the job..... nature recognizes it, nature supports it... as we learn to adapt and adapt and adapt over and over, to these radically changing waves that somehow also stay the same - that we may continue breathing, sensing, knowing, drinking, eating, digesting and enjoying this process of existence.... timeless travels to and thru a transparency of awareness that lets it all in and shines it all out - no matter what, it, is

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