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true health ~ personal and planetary . . .

true health

micro: personal health and well being
eat to live - staples, recipes, and food preparation guidelines for naturally balanced nutrition
be clean - natural body care / personal hygiene and good health guidelines

macro: planetary health and well being
healthy homes - creating and maintaining a clean, safe, non-toxic home environment
neu sphere - contributing to whole earth restoration in your local reality

health is justice...

the seven conditions of true health ~
physical conditions:
  1. never exhausted; never catch cold - always ready to work
  2. good appetite - happy with the simplest foods
  3. good, deep sleep - fall asleep within 3 minutes after going to bed and wake up after 4-5 hours - no dreams or restless movement during sleep
psychological conditions:
  1. good memory, never forget - can memorize five thousand personal names
  2. happy from morning to night - appreciation of everything
  3. live with an egoless spirit, and without selfishness - devote entire life to truth and the happiness of others

5. good humor - freedom from anger... a person of good health should be cheerful and pleasant under any circumstance - one should also be without fear and suffering - with more difficulties and enemies, such a person will be even more happy, brave, and enthusiastic... your appearance, your voice, your behavior, and even your criticism should distribute deep gratitude and thankfulness to all those who are in your presence

6. smartness in thinking and doing - a person who is in good health should have the faculties of correct thinking, judging, and doing - with promptness and intelligence... promptness is the expression of freedom - those who are prompt, speedy, and precise; and those are are ready to answer any challenge, accident, or necessity; are in good health

the 7th condition of health is far more important in comparison to the other 6 conditions - in fact, all other conditions are included within the 7th condition... the 7th condition of health: absolute justice or Justice - what is Justice? do you live with Justice? according to the encyclopedia britannica's great ideas, there is no absolute justice in the world - there is only relative justice, such as legal or moralistic justice... according to this definition, Justice is simply stated - it is another name for the Order of the Universe... therefore, one who lives according to the order of the universe acquires absolute justice; or Justice with a capital J

there are many concepts which cannot be seen, heard, or told - Justice is such a concept... freedom, happiness, life, peace, eternity, health, harmony, integrity, beauty, and truth are concepts nobody has adequately explained - everybody wants them, but instead they usually find and hold on to their opposites - sadness, death, sickness, qaurrels, war, ugliness, lies, anger, hate, etc. - most people are busy with those things which in the end make them unhappy or unfree

in this world there are visible, tangible things and invisible, intangible things... some people think that the intangible things do not 'exist' - democritus, aristotle, descartes, locke, darwin, etc. belong to this group - they are called materialists... there are other people who say intangible, invisible things are also reality - lao tzu, chan tze, buddha, christ, and nagarjuna belong to this group

these two types of thought have been disputed for over 2,000 years - now, in the 21st century, some materialists, (especially physicists), are starting to realize that visible things are produced from the invisible world... however, the majority of people still believe that only what their senses register is 'real'

macrobiotic theory combines the above two concepts... the world we see and feel is the visible world, governed by yin-yang antagonism and complimentarity, which is born of the invisible world - in other words, the visible, material world is a denser part, and the invisible, spiritual world a more dispersed part, of the infinite universe... the governing law of this all-encompassing world is the order of the universe; another name is Justice

in your life, realizing Justice is the most important condition for being healthy and happy - lao tzu said that when Justice is forgotten, morals, law enforcement, medicine, etc., develop - many other philosophers have echoed this sentiment - indeed, if people follow the order of the universe there is no need to impose such boundaries in the form of rules because situations requiring them do not arise - therefore, this Justice is included as the 7th condition of health

living is a miracle - life is the biggest miracle... the fact that we are living is proof that we have the ability to perform magic - people are always looking for miraculous power, overlooking the fact that they already have it... one who understands this fact can cure the sick - one who lives with the 'spirit of miracles' is one who has achieved the 7th condition of health... the realization of 'miracles' is Justice in this visible world - curing the sick is a small part of the miracle

at last, the 7th condition of health is attained by one who has Justice in his/her thinking and action - such a person will have the following mentality:

1. s/he is never angry - appreciates everything, even the greatest difficulties and unhappiness
2. he is never afraid
3. he never says, "i am tired" or "i am lost"
4. he appreciates any food, even distasteful cooking
5. he sleeps deeply, without dreams - four or five hours is enough
6. he never forgets, especially debts and kindness received
7. he has absolute faith in Justice - the Order of the Universe - one who attains this 7th condition of health will have the following mentality:

s/he does not lie in order to protect himself
he is accurate and punctual
he never meets a person he doesn't like
he never doubts what others say
he wants to live to find the eternal, highest value in life
he is most happy when he finds the order of the universe in his daily life and in small unnoticeable things
he does not spend his life for earning money, but only for what he really loves to do
he spends his whole life passing on to others the miracle of life - the order of the universe