the pure core organic life mirror

to clean the biosphere we must first clean the noosphere...

cosmos domeusnisa

the air you breathe - the water you drink - the food you eat
keeping your body clean - keeping your personal environment clean - keeping the earth clean
keeping body mind and spirit - healthy clear and centered - in a state of integrity and ready to work at all times

total resources are way over the top - total abundance for all is the vision and the goal - sound management of mindspace brings sound management of earth space - rework the wiring - tune in to something other than the nay say neg hed doom gloom old world us them frequencies which pollute the psychic and physical atmosphere just as much as any other unchecked output...... acknowledge and utilize the vast array of innovation available at all times to more and more human beings than ever before - affirm that if the universe has kept things together this long it more than likely knows how to continue to keep things together thru the educational aggrivational inspirational movements of some of its inhabitants - there is way more happening than any one dot/point/person can really critique or comment on other than to accept and reflect that its amazing to simply be alive and there literally is no where else to go but toward balance

make a commitment to the clear, centered, sustaining core of the one creative pulse that birthed the whole entire story - connect to it and let it guide - past the paranoia fear and confusion - past the limited definitions of what it is and why - do it daily, with every breath - tune out the endless lack loops, tune in endless abundance - which is the result of balance, not upset - which is always there - always available - changing and growing as does everything else that is truly alive... seek to understand and work with natural processes - listen to the spirit of everything... there is much to share because the only way people truly grow and learn is by teaching what they have come to know thru trial and error - experience and communication - there is nothing wrong with learning from mistakes, there is nothing wrong with a challenge - start looking at the world as one profoundly comprehensive cosmological and ecological educational system with a near infinite abundance of tests designed to produce universal people - who are dedicated to being part of the flow which sees that the vitals of life are provided and passed on in the most effective way possible - it can be done - because it is being done - more and more - because

total resources are way over the top - there is no math for these figures - on a day to day, neighborhood to neighborhood, town to town basis the biggest adjustment is to far more simplistic, artistic, holistic approaches to everything - less stress more fun better health better relationships centered around new foundations for friendship - cooperation - collaboration - because - there are alternatives - there is a counter culture - it is possible

do it out of love - not out of fear - from a point where the psyche is stripped of its cultural costumes, and stands naked as the day it was born - looking at life with the wonder that radiates a realization - of - what could be more magical than living - and we are alive

on solution

have every single child of god in mind at all times

everyone is further along than they give themselves credit for ...

... customizing tonals and frequency curves - maximum thru-put with signal to noise neutralizing - have many regulated circuits capable of 0 noise levels - mechanical sweet talk can be rather edgy for sensitive ears - while net activity has a large impact on all communication in productive ways due to its omnipresent virtual consciousness of knowledge = the unifying wealth

opening the logic circuits on many issues where the only real obstacle is the elusiveness of the simple solutions usually provided by breaking it down to the organic source which allows nature to reveal a guidance while we apply reverence to nature and draw from the - power = worship formula

manifest solution

the person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it

how to make the world work

to start with here is an educational bombshell - take from all of todays industrial nations all their industrial machinery and all their energy-distributing networks and leave them all their ideologies - all their political leaders - and all their political organizations and within six months billions of people will die of starvation having gone through great pain and deprivation along the way

however - if we leave the industrial machinery and their energy-distribution networks and leave them also all their people who have routine jobs operating the industrial machinery and distributing its products and we take away from all the industrial countries all their ideologies and all the political machine workers people would keep right on eating... possibly getting on a little better than before

the fact is that now - for the first time in the history of man all the political theories and all the concepts of political functions - in any other than secondary roles as housekeeping organizations - are completely obsolete... all of them were developed on the you-or-me basis... this whole realization that mankind can and may be comprehensively successful is startling...

sustenance xchange protocol

in the neu world - you will not equate work with earning a living - this is very important - every human being has a deep drive within them to demonstrate competence to themselves and to others - it's going to be the greatest privilege of all in a new kind of world like that - to be allowed to be on the production team - it will have nothing to do with earning a living, nothing to do with upset

we're talking about a new kind of socialism, a socialism of six-billion billionaires... it's not a socialism of pulling the top down and sharing the misery - its a matter of pulling the bottom up and doing so, only because we now can do so much more with each pound of material, each erg of energy, each second of time... the increase has been about 99-fold - that's the only thing that makes it possible... so it's a new moment in the history of humanity - that's what is difficult to get over...

if this can get you in enough so you can personally look into it a little more, then part of your integrity will be for you to do your best to get other people to realize this is so! you're going to find there's an enormous number of people who don't know this is so, that we actually have the option to make it

humanity's escape from the irrational awkwardness of the axiomatic hypothesis trap of eternal askewness which snags him, involves all young humanity's discovery of the isotropic vector matrix synergetics' elegant rational simplicity and its omniaccommodation of all experimentally founded research... popular understanding and spontaneous employment of synergetics' isotropic vector matrix coordination involves young, popular, experience-induced, spontaneous abandonment of exclusively rectilinear XYZ coordination, but without loss of the XYZ's uneconomically askew identity within the system - all occurring "naturally" through youth's spontaneous espousal of the most exquisitely economical comprehension of the most exquisitely economical freedoms of opportunity of individual realizations always regeneratively inspired by the inherent a priori otherness considerations