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creating and maintaining a clean, healthy, non-toxic home environment...

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the cleaner you are inside, the cleaner your environment will be outside - your mind, your body, your home, your world... home-making / maintaining is an art form and safe, efficient, sustainably creative planetary domestics help to bring our reality into balance and abundance... beginning in each humble human heart and home... figuring out how to transform wasteful, unnecessary habits into naturally resourceful regenerative processes can be one of the most fun, exciting, and rewarding experiences imaginable...

the more you simplify your life, the easier it gets to keep your own personal environment clean... very very little is required - a good natural cleanser, some plant-based sponges, a scrub brush, and some rags (like recycled old clothes) will clean the whole house... use everything you have to its fullest - when you need new stuff, make/buy things that are recycled, low/no impact, organic, and sustainably produced... most textiles and tools made with sustainable intent are also made to last - high quality goods for a lifetime of use... things like organic cotton and hemp fabrics, towels, bedding, and clothing are now widely available, as well as organic bath and body products and natural detergents... keep it simple, stick with the basics, and be creative with finding ways to increasingly do more with less... most things are better and brighter than ever before, and this is where the focus needs to be... eliminating what is unnecessary opens up fresh spaces for new experiences, and the more you get into it, the better it gets

  1. keep it clean - using natural, biodegradable cleansers and detergents with a modest amount of water
  2. sorry, no shoes - upon entering the house, leave you shoes near the door, and request that your visitors do likewise... not wearing shoes in the house is extremely beneficial to a healthy home environment and is the respectful custom in many cultures
  3. house plants - in spaces that get some sun, add a few house plants... learn how to keep them happy and healthy and in return they will freshen the atmosphere, brighten the environment, and add energy, beauty, warmth and personality to your home
  4. fresh air - open your windows, even in winter, open a few windows occasionally and on a nice sunny day clear out the whole house... if you can, line-dry your clothes outside as much as possible, after washing them with a natural detergent
  5. full spectrum lighting - replace conventional bulbs with full-spectrum bulbs for great improvements in overall health and energy efficiency
some of our favorite natural, non-toxic household cleaning materials:
  • dr. bronner's sal-suds - will clean your house from top to bottom - kitchens, bathrooms, laundry, glad-rags, bikes, cars, floors, rugs, etc.
  • good humans - the bio-kleen line of dishwashing, laundry, and multipurpose cleaners are all excellent and good humans offers bulk options for ordering
  • pangea vegan goods - a large selection of earth friendly products and cruelty-free cleansers, all of which are superb
  • natural value housewares - cellulose sponges, recycled bags, recycled paper products
  • bon ami - tried and true earth-friendly cleanser for 120 years running
clothing, bedding, towels, shoes, + more:
  • good humans - over 500 earth, human, and animal friendly products... a great selection of awesome goods with friendly service
  • maggie's organic cotton - socks, shirts, pants, and more... we've been wearing and sharing Maggie's organic cotton clothes since they began producing them, and after seventeen years of use and enjoyment, we're still wearing many of our original Maggie's threads
  • pangea vegan goods - mens and womens clothing, shoes, and acessories - awesome selection of 100% cruelty-free vegan products - making it easier for people to follow a vegan lifestyle by offering the widest variety of quality vegan products all in one place
  • white lotus futon - futons, the most popular mattress choice throughout the world, are the most supportive, comfortable and versatile choice in bedding - we had some of the first white lotus Futons ever made, and our family has been sleeping on these high quality natural matresses for over 30 years
  • nirvana safe haven - specializing in natural fibers, highest quality construction, and purity in creating chemical free, nontoxic, natural bedrooms
  • mama's earth - babies, children and adult clothing, bed, bath, and household goods, personal care
  • SOS from texas organic cotton products - u.s. grown organic cotton t-shirts, baby items, night shirts, sunwashed colors and styles, wholesale
  • rawganique - hemp and organic cotton clothing, underwear, linens, and accessories
  • a happy planet - bedding, bath, and baby goods made from organic fibers
general clean / green living resources:

been keeping busy building - creating the new out of the old - igniting encouraging and supporting all ground-based grass roots eco trends world wide, in every way we can... from a fresh new garment made of recycled gear, to recirculating and redistributing high-end technology to make upgrades super efficient and beneficial to all involved... the challenge and art of creative recycling has always been a supreme pleasure - a vital part of the flow which keeps everything moving like a healthy blood-stream, wasting nothing and discarding as little as humanly possible in the natural growth process of life.......

take good care of the things in your reality - your computers, hardware, instruments, appliances, vehicles, and objects... keep them and their peripherals in excellent working condition - manuals, boxes, extras - to be able to pass them along to the next person if need be, in great shape and ready to be used - one persons older version is another persons major upgrade, and this circulation of goods is a key part of being in tune with the ecology and its technology - as Nature's co-creative human achievement... treat everything with respect and be conscious of the service all these elemental devices really provide... all things are responsive to care, respect, and sincere appreciation - their functionality being a direct reflection of the individual using them... machines are musical