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vegan recipes ~ a growing collection of our favorite formulas for healthy, fun, and simple nourishment. . .

p i c t u r e d : local organic fresh picked apple pie . . . organic fresh picked salad with organic brown rice pasta, breaded baked eggplant and summer marinara sauce

INGREDIENTS: organic staple food sources - links / guides / resources / producers

fresh oreganofresh blueberrieswhole wheat flourpopcorngreen teasprout seedscarob powderquinoa

we are - modelling modest intake lifestyles... a point of simplicity - which sustains radiant healthy beings - our most valuable resource... feeding us what we need to learn the value of nature's profoundly abundant biological education system - appreciating, with our entire person, every aspect of it

in one aspect, this is manifest in healthy eating cycles - whole foods nourishing whole bodies and whole minds - fresh raw fruits veggies sprouts seeds nuts rice beans grains greens - fresh water fresh air warm sunshine big smiles much laughing great ideas amazing adventures in the land of the living where all eyes are open wide lookin for the spark wherever it is... mostly just humble folks simple folks mild mannered gentle men and women and kids and animals and plants and trees all enjoying each others nourishment company creativity and love

all comes down to - the formulas of freedom that are far more functional than 1 may think - cook a grain in water - a little salt from the sea and some fire - be thankful for the meal - feel all the time and energy you gain by not having to overcompensate for all-consuming entropic behaviors / patterns / habits - feel all the time and energy that went into bringing this sustenance to you - millennia of cultivation, evolution, development, discovery, pure research, intuitive natural exchange / communication - to reveal and produce the perfect components to nourish a life in fusion

support the wholeness in your own sphere - support it everywhere it is - planet wide... the simplicity we strive for is the birth-rite of all life, and what has been achieved stands on its own - the living testament of the reality of what is was and always will be possible with a unified holistic focus for the benefit of all

kitchen core: gallery of fresh organic home made home grown global dome dishes