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home made apple pie with local applesvegan pizza with fresh picked organic heirloom veggies and herbs
p i c t u r e d : home made apple pie with local apples / vegan pizza with fresh picked organic heirloom veggies and herbs

most of what we eat is prepared at home - made from scratch, vegan, with as many organic homegrown / local grown ingredients as possible... we frequently feed quite a few other folks as well, and everyone who has partaken of one or more selections from the pure core's menu has always been delighted - from hard core vegans, to omnivores who rarely eat vegetables - from wise elders who tell tales of the old days and their many gardens, to teenagers looking to cut out the fast food and feel healthier - from mega jet setters looking to establish a more grounded lifestyle, to traveling monks appreciating a good vegetarian meal

we've been feeding and teaching people how to eat well for the last 30+ years, and more specifically, in the last 16 years the dome's kitchen has become a sort of cosmic diner - a 'restaurant at the end of the universe' - where an array of the most unlikely, unique, and colorful characters from all over creation are fed many of the wholesome dishes pictured during their stay... with the elders, its like going back in time and enjoying the flavors and pace of a much more simplistic approach... with the younger crowd, its like going into the future and being inspired by how accessible and healthy this simplistic approach really is, right now

all in all, the feedback from everyone has always been that the positive nourishing energy in everything served here, both the food and the communications exchange that naturally goes along with it, has an inspirational, educational effect, and this site is a virtual reflection of that - so here will be a log / gallery of delicious dishes, experiments, old standbys, progress reports, and a record the latest edible adventures - please enjoy

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