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sprouts on toast

lightly toast a piece of organic sourdough bread - wheat/spelt/whatever - spread some mayo on the toast, then sprinkle some nutritional yeast flakes and a small amount of high quality pure sea salt or a few pinches of shiso powder over that... sprinkle as much cayenne as you like and cover with a huge pile of SPROUTS and a piece of lettuce... this is EXCELLENT *any*time breakfast/lunch/snack... its super delicious and quick, and the sprouts / cayenne combination is way juiced up... you can also substitute mayo with some tahini/tamari spread: mix 1 Tbsp. sesame tahini with 1 tsp. shoyu/tamari to make a nice spreadable paste... other delicious additions are: thinly sliced tofu, grated carrots, sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, arugala, mustard greens, or spinach... ENJOY!!!

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