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whole cereal grains . beans . vegetables . fruits . nuts and seeds . condiments . teas . water

it could be as simple as this: get a big bag of organic brown rice, some organic pasta, bread, and other grains, and mix them with some beans in their natural form, properly cooked, lightly seasoned, with some fresh organic vegetables - raw salads, cooked greens, fresh fruit in season, dried fruit, nuts, seeds - simple condiments like olive oil, sesame oil, pure sea salt, liquid aminos, shoyu tamari, gomasio, tahini, nut butters - the least processed, the least packaging, and the best for you... great recipes are innumerable - making up your own is fun... eat to Live, don't live to eat... its not a product, not a regimen, not unreason - the solution is simplicity

"the macrobiotic way of eating is based upon native common sense and an intuitive understanding of the relation between humanity and the environment... it is governed by principles of balance and harmony dynamically achieved between antagonistic and complementary factors, or yin and yang... this way of life has been tested and experienced by billions of people over hundreds of centuries, in most parts of the world, under many names and forms... while all cultures and civilizations go through cycles of growth and decay, a traditional diet based on whole cereal grains remained the foundation of most societies until the advent of modern times... the staff of life protected populations from heart disease, cancer, mental illness, loss of reproductive capacity, loss of natural immunity, and the other degenerative diseases that are common today and that together lead to premature, unnatural death for about 90 percent of modern people"

these core foods have been nourishing us since the beginning... grow and get the purest ingredients, combine them in a way that is complimentary, and do both with reverence, grace, and gratitude - the following links provide some good places to start

brown ricewhite basmati ricebrown basmati ricewhole wheat flourbuckwheat groatsquinoapopcornrolled oats

organic cereal grains - rice, corn, wheat, buckwheat, spelt, kamut, quinoa, oats, barley, amaranth, millet, rye, teff
on food security: "the rate of cereal production is currently increasing at a rate in excess of the rate of population growth - more food is produced per capita at this time than at any time in human history - the agricultural resources are available, the issue is rather the maldistribution of food supplies and the inability of many people to pay for the food - in a survey of 117 developing countries, it has been estimated that they can collectively produce enough food to feed 50% more than their projected population in the year 2000, even at low levels of technology"

adzuki beanspinto beansblackeyed peassoybeansblack turtle beansgarbanzo beanstofu

organic beans - soy, adzuki, pinto, kidney, black, blackeyed peas, garbanzo, cannellini, small red, lentils, mung, black turtle, black soybeans
summer squashsproutsgreen beansheirloom tomatooreganocayenne pepperssprout seeds

organic vegetables - sprouts, lettuce, greens, carrots, celery, cabbage, onion, squash, beets, potatoes, tomatoes, radish, turnip, sea vegetables
applesfresh blueberrieschestnutscherriesraisinspumpkin seeds

organic fruits - apple, peach, pear, plum, berries, cherries, grapes
organic nuts and seeds - pecan, walnut, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, peanut, almond, sesame seeds
condiments - sea salt, oils, vinegars, sweeteners, herbs, spices
hojichakukicha twig tearooibos honeybush teagreen tea

organic teas - traditional, green, herbal, medicinal
pure water
water is life - see what is available in the way of filters and practical, efficient water purification, and be sure to thank every drop of the water you use and consume for all that it provides!
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this site broadcasts from the north eastern quarter of what is commonly know as the U.S. - and this zones most appropriate foods form the foundation for the experiential information being shared... the recipes and food lists are based on what we use daily - the simplest and highest quality all natural organic goods to sustain a modest, balanced, healthy life... this synthesis of information is based on over 35 years of direct experiential research and filtration - including raising and nourishing children from the womb to maturity on a simple, natural diet of whole organic foods... this natural approach has maintained and sustained radiant health for those who now communicate it - to verify by example the benefits of a pure diet, a clear mind, and a free spirit

the low-impact issue: can the packaging be recycled? would you buy it if there was no such thing as 'garbage collection' and had to store it in your house? could you grow it in your area? - these simple questions are guidelines for low-impact living... go to your local supermarkets and persistently request local organic foods, support local growers, online growers, co-ops, go with bulk as much as possible, recyclable/biodegradable packaging, and keep these elements in your mind for reference in practicing the art of equilibrium with our organic environment