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alkaline / vibration

All disease is the result of a drop in vibrational energy. Certain foods increase our energy and vibration and others diminish it. The truth is as simple as that. All disease is the result of a drop in vibrational energy, and when our energy drops to a certain point, there are natural forces in the world that are designed to disincorporate our bodies.

Yes. Look again at the larger picture. When anything dies - a dog hit by a car, or a person after a long illness - the cells of the body immediately lose their vibration and become very acid in chemistry. That acid state is the signal to the microbes of the world, the viruses, bacteria, and fungi, that it is time to decompose this dead tissue. This is their job in the physical universe; to return a body back to the earth.

When our bodies drop in energy because of the kinds of foods we are eating, it makes us susceptible to disease. Here's how that works. When we eat foods, they are metabolized and leave a waste or ash in our bodies. This ash is either acidic in nature or alkaline, depending on the food. If it is alkaline, then it can be quickly extracted from our bodies with little energy.

However, if these waste products are acid they are very hard for the blood and lymph system to eliminate and they are stored in our organs and tissues as solids - low vibrational crystalline forms that create blocks or disruptions in the vibratory levels of our cells. The more such acid by-products are stored, the more generally acid these tissues become, and guess what? A microbe of one type or another appears and senses all this acid and says 'Oh, this body is ready to be decomposed.'

When any organism dies, its body quickly changes to a highly acid environment and is consumed by microbes very quickly. If we begin to resemble this very acid, or death state, then we begin to come under attack from microbes. All human diseases are the result of such an attack.

Yes, the wrong foods can lower our vibrational level to the point that the forces of nature begin to return our bodies to the earth. What about diseases that aren't caused by microbes? All disease comes about through microbial action. But remember, the microbes are just doing what they do. Diets that create the acidic environment are the true cause.

Grasp this fully. We humans are either in an alkaline, high energy state or we are in an acid state, which signals the microbes living within us, or that come by, that we are ready to decompose. Disease is literally a rotting of some part of our bodies because the microbes around us have been given the signal that we are already dead. The food we eat determines almost entirely which of these two conditions we are in.

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