8.9 gro pods

8.9 summer veggies / the pumpkin vine that got so big we had to open one of the flaps and move it outside - the stalk kept growing inside, in the strawberry patch, while the vine stretched around the dome - very neat effect from a completely unexpected plant

8.9 this pumpkin, like quite a few of our best summer vegetables, was a surprise that came out of our organic compost (aka no seeds needed soil mix - just add water and light) - didn't know what it was until the pumpkins started to grow..... artful tomato branches and another compost plant - a hot cherry pepper

*** note - from the second week in august to about mid october most pix were of harvest goodies that got made into maaaaaaaaany delicious homegrown meals, and a new section came about as a result - so please check out KITCHEN CORE to see what was cooking!

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