9.19 replacing the pine board on the front step with a piece of redwood to compliment the cedar

9.19 second dome cleaning of the year - this spring and summer were dirtier than usual, with lots of pollen, mold and mildew

9.19 we've found that scrubbing the dome the day after a big rain makes it a lot easier, as all the dirt is already wet and comes off without as much effort

9.19 we start at the bottom and work our way up, cleaning the windows as well and hosing it all off as we go

9.19 contrasting / 9.20 a shot of the bare cushion and pillows for the cedar couch, prior to finishing the covers

9.20 all clean, inside and out!

9.20 back to being like new

9.20 especially nice inside with the completed hand made liner

9.20 hand cut custom fit reflectix insulation is behind the liner on most panels, to keep it warmer in cold weather, cooler in warm weather, and drier on the whole

9.20 hand made of washable cotton muslin and sturdy polyester thread and ties


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