9.20 a delicious dinner of home grown red potatoes and greens with a big salad / 9.21 hand dyeing the covers for the cedar couch with low impact fiber reactive dye

9.22 september greenery

9.22 emerald oak, our fave

9.22 the finished work! one of a kind hand made couch built from cedar harvested from our woods, made into lumber, and creatively pieced together

9.22 with custom sized futon cushion and pillows from white lotus home

9.22 hand made hemp and organic cotton cushion and pillow covers with invisible zippers and snap tape closure for easy washing, hand dyed in a deep brazilnut brown

9.28 black swallowtail caterpillar chowing down on our parsley

9.29 the BEST pizza of the year, sooooo incredibly tasty, with tons of home grown goodies perfectly flavored with a habanero pepper from a friend's garden

9.29 libra full moon, hanging out outside doing some lunar communing

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