3.12 post winter storms / cold snaps, still looking good! during the snowiest days that covered the dome and the coldest sub zero periods, there was a little bit of ice in the pool and the plants grew super slow, but everything made it through

3.12 the super cold temperatures made the sweetest, most tender and delicious kale in the universe!!!

3.12 red russian kale and garlic chives coming up, arugula bed ~ the cold made for some SERIOUSLY powerful peppery leaves

3.12 starts in market packs ready for transplanting ~ we had to pull all the lettuce with the cold, but the replacements are eager to get planted

3.12 melting, and a beautiful sight at the end of winter




3.17 adzuki beans with chestnuts (frozen from our harvest at the farm), with farm butternut squash, grow dome kale, and brown rice mmmmm...

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